Life: Induction day...

Two posts in one day... I'm on a roll.

However this post is only going to be short compared to the previous one. I just feel like I need to vent about the day I have ahead of me tomorrow.

As I told you in a blog post a couple of weeks ago I've finally got a job! I've known about it for about a month now but tomorrow I finally start. Sort of. Tomorrow is my induction day so I'm assuming I wont be let loose on the retail floor but instead I will be introduced to the other members of staff and inducted into the company and my role within it.

I'm feeling quite nervy b (nervous, for those of you that aren't a fan of Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging) about it all. I think partially its because I've known about the job for a while so I've been in this weird sort of limbo just kind of waiting to start. Also because this is my first retail job I'm even more anxious to do well and make a good impression. I just keep thinking about my work uniform as I obviously want to dress well and show people that I am suited to work in a fashionable environment!
People are always put off by the difficulty of starting things though aren't they? And as my mom told me earlier I did just complete an internship at a magazine so I'm more than capable of starting new things and having new experiences.

I also know that tomorrow is going to be absolutely fine! I'm just overthinking everything and this time tomorrow I'll realise how silly I was for getting stressed about it all. I've been hired because they like me and I think I will do well at this job. The induction day isn't an elaborate trap to trip me up and make me fail before I've even begun.

I just want tomorrow to be over and done with so I can settle my head and get excited about being employed!

Life: Internship at Kerrang!

Hello again!

It's been a short while since my last post but for good reason as last week I was in London interning at Kerrang magazine! 

This was my first ever magazine placement and was such a wonderful experience. I was tempted to do daily posts during the week whilst I was there but honestly I was so tired after a full day of work that I just didn't have the energy to even think about writing a blog post.

So instead I've decided to do this summary post to talk about everything that I got up to during my week and how I feel about my experience now that I'm looking back on it.


Life: A series of (suspiciously) fortunate events part 2

As you've just read in part one of this post, I've spent the past fews months constantly applying for jobs but never hearing back and feeling downtrodden because of it.

But despite my constant mood I carried on applying for jobs and feeling hopeful that eventually all of this hard work would pay off. And eventually, it did! Out of everywhere I had applied for a job, Selfridges got back to me!

I was really shocked that they accepted my initial application as they're obviously such an iconic and cool company to work for I figured that they would only really want to employ someone with previous retail experience. However despite this I was given an interview and throughout the whole application process each time I got through to the next round I wasn't quite sure how I was pulling everything off!

Now at this point you're all updated on what I was doing this time last week (well last Wednesday so it was technically less that a week ago) when I was still in the process of writing applications when suddenly all at once my luck seemed to change and I was bombarded with good news.

Life: A series of (suspiciously) fortunate events part 1

So sorry that I haven't posted in a while but I promise it's not been due to laziness!

I've actually got quite a few exciting things to tell you all about and as you can probably guess from the title of the post it's all good news. I think the best way for me tell you is if I write it all down in chronological order...(small warning this is going to be a long post so maybe get a cup of tea ready)

If you've been reading my blog for a while, or even if you've just read one of my previous posts, you'll know that I've spent the last few months since leaving university applying for copious amounts of jobs and work experience placements. I'd had a few interviews during the summer but unfortunately for whatever reason I wasn't really getting anywhere and at the start of September I was still an unemployed journalism graduate with very little experience.


Project: How To Be Invisible

I'm not sure if I've posted about this before on my blog (I probably have) but I've decided to start working on a project again that I initially started at university.

The project is called "How To Be Invisible" and is a modern day exploration of what it means to be invisible. I initially came up with the idea when I was watching a movie in which one of the main character's sister had gone missing. This character in question was obsessed with becoming invisible and tried to find the perfect book to help her achieve this. So I though, why not make the book that she was looking for?

The idea isn't as simple as that though. I basically want to create a curation of anonymous experiences of feeling invisible and create something that is both thought provoking and artistic. I want to see if there is a common formula for invisibility and find out what implications there are to successfully becoming invisible.

The main platform for this idea is Tumblr as it's the most interactive way of curating all of the information.

Here is a link to the tumblr page: http://theinvisibleproject.tumblr.com/

The point of this blog post is really to invite you all to be a part of this project! It's open to anyone and everyone and I really think it could become something great. I'm really excited to have a project to work on and I hope you will all be as enthusiastic about this idea as I am!


Listen: ÒOR

 I recently discovered this wonderful little band and thought I would share it with you all. It's really the perfect soundtrack to autumn!


Life: Another frustrating blog post

Hello once again my lovely blog, I haven't forgotten about you so don't worry and I still plan on doing posts about Harry Potter and my graduation so keep an eye open for those.

But unfortunately today is going to be another one of my mopey blog posts about not getting a job and feeling really sorry for myself after another set of rejection emails.

In my last post I told you that I had two more interviews for retail jobs in my local shopping centre and I can now tell you that I didn't get either of them.

I'm feeling really sad and frustrated especially since I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong and why I'm not getting these jobs! I'm trying really hard in my interviews and being confident and friendly yet somehow I'm not getting anywhere. The only conclusions I can come up with are either that:

A) I don’t have any previous retail experience so the positions are going to those that do
B) Because I have a degree I'm overqualified for these jobs so they're going to people that are younger and less qualified or to people that simply just want to work in retail.

It's pretty clear out of those suggestions which one was put forward by my mom and which one was put forward by my friends. I understand that having previous retail experience is obviously going to benefit a person applying for a job in retail but I'm stuck in the impossible circle of trying to get experience in an industry that requires experience to get in.

And secondly, I understand that I may be overqualified to work in retail but that seems like a very narcissistic reason to tell myself why I haven't gotten a job.

I'm just getting stuck in circles at the moment and I don't know what I'm doing. I think now after this most recent retail rejection that I'm just going to stop applying for retail jobs. I'm qualified to work as a journalist so I may as well just apply to those jobs.

I've found some exciting internships online so I'm going to focus my energy on applying to those now as clearly I'm not destined to have a pit-stop job in retail.

However, before I do that I just need to watch a sad movie and let out all of my frustration so I can put all of my energy into getting back onto the horse.


Life: Update 12/09/2015

Hello again guys, so I thought I should probably do another update before it ends up being months between each blog post. The last post that I uploaded I think was a quick little list of '10 facts about me'.

Since then a lot has happened... I've been to the Harry Potter Studio tour and I've graduated! After I've written this post I'll do a couple more about the two events highlighted above so I can talk about them both in more detail rather than rushing through them in this one.

It's been so lovely to be busy again recently and I've still got a couple of things lined up for the next week. As I've already mentioned in a couple of blog posts, on the 17th I'm going to a Channel 4 Pop-up day which I'm pretty excited for. Hopefully I'll be able to use the day to get some contacts in the industry that may lead into future opportunities... Also it will be a nice chance to meet people with the same goals as me which could be quite inspiring!

Additionally I've also got a couple of job interviews lined up! They're both for retail positions which at the moment is all that I'm looking for. It's an ideal position for me at the moment as whilst I work in retail to earn some cash I can also apply for various work experience placements in the media industry which can then lead into a job. Also a lot of the work placements that I want to apply for are unpaid so I'll need some cash to sustain me whilst I undergo the placements. Due to the nature of what I want to do it I know that I'll need to get more experience before I start applying for all of these great jobs in the industry. Also, once I've got some experience under my belt I'll feel confident when I do start applying for all of these roles at magazines etc compared to if I applied now.

Both of the interviews are group interviews, and as I've already experienced one I'm feeling more at ease about the two ahead of me. Both of the shops I'm interviewing for seem really lovely and I'm just going to send out positive vibes and hope that something works out for either of these jobs!

I think that's pretty much it for a quick update post! As I've said I'll write up a post about Harry Potter and my graduation next so I hope you enjoy having a read.


Life: 10 facts about me!

I've seen a lot of people post these things so thought it was about time that I did one myself

1. I've got a degree in Journalism
2. I was born with scoliosis and had an operation to straighten my spine when I was in secondary school and now I have a gnarly (never used that word before) scar all down my back
3. I'm an introvert at heart but I'm quite good at pretending to be an extrovert
4. I'm always cold, always.
5. The first vinyl I ever bought myself was Keaton Henson - Romantic Works
6. I want to move to San Francisco
7. I'm not good at keeping in contact with people- I can drop off the radar for months at a time but please don't take it personally.
8. I'm good at keeping secrets
9. I always have my nails painted, I've actually become quite high maintainace about my nails in the past year
10. I have a soft spot for tall boys with neck tattoo's


Look: Reading 2015

As you may know from my previous post this time last week I was at Reading festival.

Whilst I was there I was trying to 'live in the moment' and enjoy it rather than 'take pictures of the moment' so unfortunatly I don't have many pictures to share with you guys but thought I would post the few that I have so you can get a visual of the experience!

please excuse the cringe

seeing Manchester Orchestra live was everything I could have hoped for and more

at the barrier for the Foals secret set!

obviously I had to rock out to Metallica!

me and Reen being radical (obviously)

flares at Alt-J

apparently everyone else thought they were shit but I rather enjoyed The Libertines set

Sooooo glad I finally saw alexisonfire live!

Life: Update 02/09/2015

It's been over a week since my last post and although I promised at the start of this summer that I wouldn't do this I feel like this is an exception as I'm in the middle of a busy couple of weeks.

On Monday I got back from Reading Festival (which was fab and I'll do a blog post about it after this one) and I've spent the past couple of days just sleeping and washing and generally recovering from the experience.

Whilst I was gone I got an exciting email about being chosen to attend a Channel 4 PopUp day hosted by My Kinda Future and 4Talent. From my understanding it's basically a day full of activities with 150 other young people hoping to make a career in the media industry. There will be a chance to talk to industry professionals and hopefully make a good impression and forge useful contacts.

Whilst I'm obviously excited to attend this event I'm also concerned that all of the other young people there will only be about 17 years old thus making me feel like a pensioner even though I'm only 21, I'm still young guys (I promise). I can imagine all of the other people there will only be halfway through college whilst I sit them all down and show them pictures of me at my graduation reminiscing about the good old days of being a university fresher, but moving on...

In the past couple of days I've also found a few other exciting internships that I'll be applying for when I've got my energy back from Reading and I've got to tell you all that I'm feeling some good vibes, even if it takes me six months I know eventually I'll find my way in and get a job that I adore. I've been seeing a lot of magpies recently (always in pairs- luckily) and been glancing at the clock when it hits 11:11 so clearly these are all signs that good things are coming my way.

I've also been reading interviews with people that I admire and they all talk about the importance of hard work and determination which makes me feel hopefully about all of the applications that I seem to be constantly writing at the moment. All I need is one person to chuckle at my pithy anecdotes and I'll be on my way to success.

Anyway, moving forward, I've got a couple of other exciting things that will be happening in the following two weeks. On Sunday I'm finally going to visit the Harry Potter studio tour with my friend Chelsey! I've wanted to go ever since it first opened but it's only now that I've actually had the chance to visit. There's no doubt that on the day I will take countless Instagram pictures that I'll also post on here to share with you all my Ravenclaw pride.

The second exciting thing that will be happening soon, which is probably the most important thing, is that I will be graduating! My ceremony is on the 10th of September and I've got my outfit and gown all ready for the big day. I just prey that I don't wake up with shit hair or a spot on my face as these pictures are going to haunt me for the rest of my life so it's of upmost importance that I look amazing.

And the final thing that I have to look forward to I've already mentioned in this post, the Channel 4 PopUp on the 17th! (I probably could have organised this post better so it was more chronological but it's done now and I'm too tired to rewrite it)

That's pretty much a summary of what's going on in my life at the moment. I could tell you all about the usual job applications etc but I think by this point you all know that my life is a constant whirlwind of job and internship applications at the moment. The next time I write to you guys will hopefully be when I actually get a job and a placement somewhere so this blog doesn't start to feel to repetitive.

My eyes are slowly betraying me as I write this post and I think I'm due another nap before I get back to work. I hope this blog has been somewhat entertaining for you all to read.


Comment: The self(ie)ish generation

In 2013 the word ‘selfie’ was chosen as the word of the year by Oxford English Dictionary with the definition: “a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website”. In the same year Time magazine also famously published their ‘Me Me Me’ issue which criticised my generation by calling it the most lazy, entitled and vain one yet with the cover of this issue even featuring an image of a girl taking a selfie.

Two years since this magazine cover and selfie culture is still firmly weaving its way into mainstream society. Last year ABC commissioned a programmed called ‘Selfie’ and whilst it was short lived and got cancelled a few episodes in, it represented quite a fitting metaphor for selfie culture. For those that never watched the show, it was actually an incredibly funny and touching update on the classic tale 1912 George Bernard Shaw play Pygmalion. However much like the main characters of this story, the program was prematurely judged for being shallow and as a result never got the show run that it deserved. You can’t help but wonder if part of the reason people didn’t tune into the show was because of its name. Whilst there are many people taking and sharing selfies, there are also people that continue to be afraid and even disgusted by the word and the notion of taking photos of themselves.

One of the most popular gifts this past christmas was the selfie stick, a device that makes taking group selfies easier than ever. On Christmas Day Instagram and Facebook became instantly flooded with people excitedly taking selfies with their new accessorises. However within hours the backlash to these presents shared as much space on your twitter feed as the selfies themselves did. There was a clear 50/50 divide between people using their selfie sticks and people wanting to break them.

Most recently Kim Kardashian West released 352 page book ‘Selfish’ which is a collection of the stars favourite selfies. It’s no surprise that many people are completely baffled by this and wonder who would buy this book or what the point of the book even is. These questions are usually followed by criticisms on Kim herself, a woman who rose to fame when her sex tape was leaked back in 2007 and has since become the Marilyn Monroe of the social media obsessed selfie generation. Every time Kim takes a selfie, someone is waiting in the sidelines to criticise her and ask the internet why she is even famous. However despite all of the criticism Kim faces she appears to behappily married to Kanye West and took someones betrayal of her trust and turned it into a multi-million dollar business for her and her family. Also, Kanye West knows about her sex tape and selfies and he doesn't seem to care so why should anyone else?

The most common argument against selfies is that taking them is a vain and shallow act only committed by people that have low self esteem and need to be ‘liked’ in order to feel validated. There is a constant stream of news stories calling selfies “cries for attention” and acts of “globally accepted selfishness”. People are apparently outraged that somebody would dare take a selfie in an art gallery and that in doing so you are suggesting that you are the most important thing in the picture and not the painting (that I hate to tell you is not actually a sentient being unlike the person taking the photo). This opens up debate about art and the value of art, but why does a selfie need to have any artistic value? Is that the purpose of a selfie?

These all seems like a shallow and poorly thought out arguments to make and whilst I can’t claim to talk on behalf of everyone who takes selfies, the most common reason why I take a selfie is because I like the way I look  and maybe on a day different day when I don't like the way I look I can find my selfie and feel a bit better. If this is an act of vanity, then I accept the title of being vain. And anyway, what’s wrong with a little bit of vanity? Maybe it’s because culturally we aren't supposed to self promote or brag about things, and it’s certainly well documented that women aren’t supposed to be aware of their beauty. The second a woman not only accepts a compliment but believes it, her beauty apparently evaporates and she suddenly becomes vain and self absorbed. A recent online experiment by teenager Gweneth Bateman found that when she accepted compliments made to her on social media, those complimenting her would instantly change their tone and call her a “bitch” for thinking she was as beautiful as they told her she was.

Self love is an important thing to learn, and if some people gain it by taking selfies then who are we to criticise them. Maybe constantly taking selfies does make my generation the most vain one yet, but it’s hard to ignore the argument that historically people used to pay artists a lot of money to paint their portrait which they would later hang in their offices or above their fireplaces. So is this generation really the most vain, or does this generation just have the tools to frequently take pictures that our ancestors would have done if only they had the front-facing camera and a selfie stick.

Look: Instagram update 18/07/2015

1.  Nylon and lemonade in Soho Coffe // 2. Mint choc ice cream // 3. Exploring Bridgenorth
4. Bridgenorth // 5. Wearing my new Topshop trousers // 6. My newest Murakami novel
7. Poem by Frank O'Hara // 8. The new Lianne La Havas album plus M&S raspberry lemonade // 9. shameless selfie.
10. Night out for my birthday // 11. What it's like to be 21 // 12. My new children - Stan Smiths 

Life: feeling determind

Today I woke up once again feeling extremely determined to succeed and get a job in the media industry.

I'm not sure if I had an inspiring dream last night but regardless, when I got out of bed this morning I felt hopeful that even though I'm still mind numbingly bored of writing applications I'm not even close to giving up.

It's only really been 2 months since I left Falmouth so in the grand scheme of things I've barely even started my post-university life so I shouldn't feel bad that I haven't got a great job yet.

I'm slowly transitioning away from trying to get a pit-stop job in retail and going full force trying to find a work placement in the media industry. Once I've secure a placement I think I'll feel hapy to start applying for other jobs again. My main career focus is on the media after all, so I want to spend more time focusing on that rather than putting all my energy into trying to get a job at the local shopping centre.

Whenever I do start to feel sad about not having a work placement it's only ever really 40% due to the fact I haven't got one yet. The remaining 60% of the feeling is caused by comparing myself to other people whether they're friends, or friends of friends, or even people that I've never met before but I just like their Instagram page. When I see all of these other people finding their own success it makes me feel guilty that I haven't found mine yet.

I know that there isn't some secret race or a competition to get a job at a magazine or a radio station or wherever, but I've always hated the feeling of being left behind and I don't want to sit back and watch other people have these amazing lives whilst I'm still sat at home watching Netflix.

I know that comparing your life to someone else's never turns out well but it's hard to avoid doing so when you constantly hear people talking about all of these great opportunities that they have. I know that online you can gloss everything over and make your life seem completely different to reality but even so all of their hard work finally payed off, now I'm just waiting for the same thing to happen to me.

As I've mentioned in a previous blog post I get so worked up when I have nothing to do. I hate feeling bored and I'm truly at my happiest when I'm busy with about 4 different projects to work on. So today I'm keeping myself busy applying for even more work placements and opportunities.

Something else that's frustrating at the moment is that every job that I find requires work experience if you even want to be considered for an interview. I guess it's fair enough but just securing work experience is turning out to be one of the hardest things I've ever done.